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With a high reputation nationally and internationally, the sculptures of Bruno Catalano is in the collections of major corporations and large private and public collections worldwide. They are exhibited in France, England, China, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.

French artist Bruno Catalano has created an extraordinary series of eye-catching bronze sculptures called “Les Voyageurs” in Marseille that depict realistic human workers with large parts of their bodies missing.

Artisan sculptor, as he defines himself, Bruno Catalano began his career in 1990. The universal theme of the travel has always inspired him. Since his first work on clay, hundreds of travelers were born from his hands. The main engines of its creation are exile and detachment. Bruno Catalano expresses the idea of a nomadic humanity, proud of misfortune, in perpetual quest for a better future. His unique and original artworks reflect the feeling of distance of the artist, torn from his native country during his migration. This emotion is expressed through a stripping of the work through its process of insertion of voids in its characters on the road. The talent of Bruno Catalano lies in his ability to endow the elusive material with a transcendental essence. Being a romantic dreamer, his subject-sculpted cause takes shape in the fantastic frame of an ideal world where love, peace, beauty and harmony reign. These individual portraits are highlighted by daily scenes of travelers, strolling the empty spirit but transmitting a vibration, an unconscious sound. Bruno Catalano tries with this concept to address the men of today whatever their age, driven by this need of escape, persuaded to find elsewhere the happiness that they have not managed to achieve.


Many are those who will recognize themselves in the bronze’s reflections. But insn’t that the successfuly alchemy of Art ?


Bruno Catalano was born in Morocco in 1960 and now lives in Marseille.


Located in the heart of the Marais on the famous place des Vosges, the De Medicis Gallery was created in 1998.


Dedicated to contemporary art, the Gallery exposes both renowned and promising artists coming from all over the world. The originality and singularity of the works exhibited in the gallery convert the gallery into a unique, artistic and multi-cultural place where painting and sculpture mingle.


Eager to stand out and experiment, the De Medicis Gallery has forged its reputation thanks to its long-term curating, and greatly contributed to the recognition of artists, all faithful and sincere. The De Medicis Gallery presents a rare and personal collection of multiple works, fed with an inspired and visionary expertise.

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