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Not All There – The Enigmatic Sculptures Of Bruno Catalano

Bruno Catalano, Le Grand Van Gogh, Marseilles, France, 2013, source: Pinterest These few examples of the sculptures of Bruno Catalano exhibit the skill of execution and gravity-defying fragility that are so powerful.

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Bruno Catalano in Marseille: Bruno Catalano is a French artist born in 1960 in Morocco. He is the creator of eye-catching bronze sculptures called “Les Voyageurs” – his work is about loss of identity, home and nationality.

The Art of Missing Pieces by Bruno Catalano | Scribol.com

“Le Grand Van Gogh” Bruno Catalano’s bronze sculptures have one thing in common: they’re drawing a blank, literally. Where there should have been a body, a shirt or an arm there’s, well, nothing.

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Le Grand van Gogh by Bruno Catalano One of a series of 10 bronze sculptures called “Les Voyageurs (The Voyagers”) put on display in Marseilles, France in 2013. This one is called “Le Grand Van Gogh”.

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The demand for bronze sculpture in Australia is substantial, so he decided to let us OEM a sculpture of the famous Sculptor bruno catalano. As a first sample customer ordered a Custom Catalano Sculpture statue 1.8 meters high, the sculpture is overall copper green, hand luggage, looking into the distance.

Bruno Catalano – 'Le Grand van Gogh' bronze sculpture

Bruno Catalano – 'Le Grand van Gogh' bronze sculpture by elsa on Indulgy.com

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"Le Grand Van Gogh” – Bruno Catalano "Le Grand Van Gogh” – Bruno Catalano … "Contrast between the large lower body and strong upper body." … Sydney Australia …

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Born in 1960 in Marseilles, Bruno Catalano knew how to express his creative energy into art since his youth. … This way, Van Gogh is still alive, his suitcase in …

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Van Gogh goes away, with a suitcase in his hand, to the Provencal countryside, but he is in an almost abstract lightness, open to wind and light. Is it not our destiny that Bruno Catalano gives us to see and meditate on ?


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