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outdoor bronze SCULPTURE FOR home decor

the missing piece costs Garden brass sculpture

Should I Fix My Metal Sculpture and Where | Sculpture Repair

The sculpture’s value is determined by the artist, who made the piece, was it cast posthumously and who owned it. Then find out what metal was used to make the sculpture. Most metal sculptures that come to us are made of Bronze or Spelter.

Cattail Sculpture | eBay

Vintage Mid Century Modern Brutalist Cat Tail Sculpture Art made of steel or possibly brass. Great decorative piece. Size is approximately 24" tall on a 6" x 8" solid wood base.

Repair and Restoration | Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Our prized raku sculpture, affectionately referred to as "Olga", was accidentally destroyed by our moving company. My wife and I were heartbroken because she was our most prized piece of art work. We assumed that Olga was beyond repair.

Heron Sculpture | eBay

Large Copper Patina Crane 44" or 55" Garden Sculpture Stake Metal Yard Art Heron … has top piece of what makes part of the beak missing, other side of beak d …

Ancient Greek Sculpture – Ancient History Encyclopedia

The sculpture of ancient Greece from 800 to 300 BCE took early inspiration from Egyptian and Near Eastern monumental art, and over centuries evolved into a uniquely Greek vision of the art form. LORD NATARAJA Dancing Shiva Statue, Real Bronze …

Somebody back at the seller's office wasn't inspecting too close as they packed it, or they definitely would have seen it was missing a piece. Poor quality control! It's a beautiful statue and I'd like to reorder it, but now I'm nervous about the inspection control of this seller.

Marble Statues and Sculptures – Shop for Statues, Sculptures …

In the early times, chiseling a piece from a large block of solid marble was the only method sculptors had for creating statues and sculptures. At the time, the need for mass production was not even a concept.

Distinguished Ken Rains Metal Leaves Sculpture – 2 Pieces …

Mid-Century Modern Ken Rains two-piece metal leaves sculpture. One piece is a table sculpture on a wood base. Both pieces are marked. Table sculpture, 34"L x 18"W x 18.25"H.

les voyageurs statue Outdoor Traveling With Bruno Catalano …

Bronze Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor sculpture by … sculpture by Bruno Catalano 10 tra le statue più … Les Voyageurs, bronze sculptures by Bruno Catalano – ego … Les Voyageurs, bronze sculptures by Bruno …

Bronze Stag | eBay

A stunning bronze piece, with incredible detail, adding distinction as either a centrepiece, or main attraction to any dwelling. The statue, overall, is 365 mm (14 3/8") high, to top of antlers, aroun…


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