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The only thing that is missing from the table in your living room is an intricate bronze statue. Treat your home to something subtle, like a handmade bronze eagle or a rustic wild horse standing tall and proud. A bronze angel statue featuring wide flowing wings adds a loving touch to your space, just like cupid.

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VERY RARE! Antique Art Deco HAGENAUER GOLF MAN Bronze Art Statue Sculpture Paperweight on Marble Base! This is an antique WHW Hagenauer Austrian Bronze GOLF man art statue/sculpture. It is very heavy, especially sitting on the block of marble.

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les voyageurs statue from ebay Famous casting bronze statue. Bruno Catalano marseile for yard decor Garden casting bronze statue. Imperfect Bronze Sculptures from china Figurative Sculptor casting bronze statue. Surreal Sculptures prices Buy bronze sculpture. the missing piece designs Beautifully Imperfect copper sculpture

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A stunning, 19th century fine cast bronze of a dancing satyr/faun, after the antique. Lovely size and great patina, the figure is missing his flute, but displays beautifully. Unsigned, most probably…

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A stunning bronze piece, with incredible detail, adding distinction as either a centrepiece, or main attraction to any dwelling. The statue, overall, is 390 mm (15 3/8") high, & weighs 5,3 kgs (11,7 l…

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I had finished a statue and a tourist wanted to buy it, but after close inspection I noticed one finger was missing from its hand. I was mortified; I gave back the money for it and said I was sorry but that the statue was not for sale.

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Statue Sculpture Dancer Acrobat Modern Style Solid bronze Signed Nous concentrons nos efforts dans la recherche d’objets d’art étonnants et de qualité supérieure en édition limitée. Our decorative objects can decorate the houses of the living in the garden as well as the offices.

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Each piece is signed. These were crafted in Vienna, Austria and are made from cold painted cast bronze. These miniature cat sculptures are in excellent condition. The only issue is with the piano which has 7-8 small flecks of paint loss on the top and the sides.tiny flecks missing.

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For those who prefer a more modern and minimalistic style there’s plenty of contemporary metal statues to choose from. Choose a design that will enhance and blend in with the theme of your garden. Choose a design that will enhance and blend in with the theme of your garden.

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The most significant advancement of this period came in the form of the contrapposto stance. This is when one leg is extended and the imaginary shift in weight is modeled into the statue to convey a sense of gravity and enhance the realism of the piece


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