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This bronze Pegasus Garden statue struts with outstretched wings. Obviously, this Pegasus is very muscular. YouFine could cast an exquisite Pegasus sculpture for you. Please feel free to contact us for more casting details. Of course, we could provide the latest preferential prices for you. Item No: BOK1-243 Size: Customized Size Material: Casting Bronze Package: Strong Wooden Case Technique: Lost Wax Process Superiority 1: Foundry Supplying Directly Superiority 2: 30 Years of Quality Guarantee Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram

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Bronze Pegasus Statue Details:


The bronze Pegasus statue looks directly at the sky. His muscles were tense and youthful. Although the animal statue is static, it could be shown that Pegasus is indeed dynamic. In addition, it vividly shows the posture of the flying horse. In particular, the proportions of our Pegasus sculptures are very harmonious. When this sculpture appears in the park, it would definitely be praised by everyone.



Most Famous Fantasy Creatures:


Pegasus is one of the most famous fantasy creatures in Greek mythology. Also, he was born of Medusa and Poseidon, the god of the sea. He is a horse with two wings and is usually white. He was born with his brother the giant Crythaor when his mother Medusa was cut off by Perseus.



Greco-Roman poets describe his ascension after birth to meet Zeus, the king of the gods. Also, Zeus instructed him to bring lightning and thunder from Mount Olympus. Besides, he is a friend of the Muse. He was tamed by the Greek hero Bellerophon. He allows Bellerofin to ride him to fight the monster, Carmela. But when Bellerofin tried to ride him to Mount Olympus, Bellerofin fell off his horse. Zeus transformed him into Pegasus and placed it in the sky.



Pegasus is the most dazzling constellation in the northern sky in the autumn sky. The winged horse flew into the sky. Later it descended on Mount Helicon. And, Tianma created a spiritual spring there. This spring later became a source of inspiration for the poet.



Reasons Why People love Pegasus Sculptures:


Pegasus has the ability to fear powerful enemies. And Tianma is not afraid of sacrifice and has the great courage to make progress. The statue of Pegasus has a light body, both divinity, and form. Very lively and healthy from the front and side. YouFine Pegasus sculpture front hooves in the air. This sculpture forms a free-spirited artistic beauty. And, our artists guarantee to create coordinated Pegasus sculptures. Therefore, this bronze Pegasus sculpture is very strong. Not only does it make people feel empowered, but it also stimulates people’s emotions.



YouFine has a Free Clay Model:


Everyone agreed that a realistic clay model would ensure the fidelity of the bronze Pegasus sculpture. In particular, our artists learned to carve clay models of horse sculptures from an early age. They were then able to sculpt Pegasus’ expression and appearance details 100% to life. You could clearly see how real this Pegasus clay model is. And, during the clay model sculpting process, our artists modify and adjust the details according to the client’s request. We absolutely respect the aesthetic concerns of our clients. Of course, during this process, our artists would also give appropriate advice to clients. We are in awe of sculpture and artwork.




Refined Polished Surface:


YouFine factory has professional polishing artists. They are polishing bronze sculptures every day. First, our artists weld the sculpture using full welding and spot welding techniques. This technique ensures that the sculpture is welded very firmly. As a result, the sculpture has a longer lifespan. Our polishers then polish the sculpture.



It could be clearly seen that the horse wing statue is very smooth. So you couldn’t see the solder joints at all. By polishing, the surface of the bronze outdoor unicorn statue is free of any trachoma. Because our artist uses different grinding wheels to polish every detail of the bronze Pegasus statue. After very careful polishing, you could get a flawless bronze Pegasus outdoor statue.



Please feel free to contact us for more casting details and preferential prices. Of course, we have rich experience in casting Pegasus sculptures. It would be your wisest decision to choose YouFine factory Pegasus sculpture.

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