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The bronze horse sculpture is a bronze sculpture craft. It has many shapes. It is made of bronze or brass or pure copper. In the museum of Gansu Province, there is a bronze horse, which is 37 cm long and 39 cm high. The horse is strong and fat, and the head is humming, lifting the legs, and squatting, full of vitality and lifelike.

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Introduction of Bronze Horse Sculpture:


The bronze horse sculpture is a bronze sculpture craft. It has many shapes. It is made of bronze or brass or pure copper.  The design of our bronze jumping horse statue is life-size, with a height of about 2 meters. The statue shows us the image of a handsome and energetic horse. This horse is supported by its two hind hooves, and its two front legs are suspended in the air.



Reasons Why People Love Horse Sculptures:


The bronze horse sculpture is one of the bronze sculptures that often appear in Chinese history. In the world, the horse is an indispensable image and an indispensable tool and friend. On the battlefield, in the story, the image of the horse is everywhere.




Most Famous Bronze Horse Sculptures:


The most famous of the bronze horse sculptures is the horse stepping swallow. This copper horse has a high reputation, and that is also a reason. First, because of its shape, the horse’s body shape is bodybuilding, fat and healthy, and the four hoofs are slender. Second, its four hooves are vacated, flying like a body, the body is almost pulled to the longest state, and the body’s mane is also rising, although it is a static bronze elephant, one could feel the speed and passion of its flying.



As for the horse sculpture, people would think about how fast the copper horse can be. Look at the lion under the hoof. Although the hoof has touched the swallow’s body, the swallow is unharmed. Explain that the speed of this horse is too fast, and the same four-legged vacant, so the swallow is intact. The bronze horse carving has a strong artistic atmosphere, and the workmanship is also very exquisite. It is the best among the copper crafts.



YouFine Traditional Lost Wax Method:


YouFine cast bronze horse sculptures using the traditional lost wax method. Especially our artists have been exposed to lost-wax from a very young age. As a result, they have become proficient in all casting techniques. No doubt our artists can cast a realistic bronze vault sculpture for you. Also, our artists use silica sol technology. So after a long time, the surface of our animal sculpture would not have white spots. So your bronze horse sculpture will maintain a long service life and high ornamental value.



The image of the bronze horse sculpture is always very impressive. Their characteristics are all agile, and the art of the bronze horse is also vivid. Therefore, we are constantly moving forward in the field of bronze horse carving. So if you want to get a horse statue for your outdoor garden, please contact You Fine.


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