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How exquisite this bronze horse statue is! This is an excellent artwork of YouFine’s top artists and it is one of the most popular horse sculptures for gardens or homes. YouFine artists devote all of their hearts to horse artwork, every step you could feel it. Choose YouFine, choose the best bronze horse statue! Item: BHS-046 Material: Grade Bronze Package: Strong Wooden Crate Keyword: Bronze Horse Sculpture Keyword: Bronze Horse Statue Superiority 1: Free Custom Made Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly Superiority 3: 30 Years of Quality Guarantee Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly

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Bronze Horse Statue Details:


This is a very exquisite bronze horse statue design. The size of our horse is a life-size, which is fully and most realistically reproduced in all its details. This is a horse-walking design, and one of his front hoofs is about to take a step forward. The horse’s black mane and his tail highlight the handsomeness of this horse. Such a vivid and realistic horse statue is very worthy of your possession.




Professional Patina Method:


What makes this horse unique is also the coloring of the sculpture.  We would use a patina to color the sculpture. YouFine artists use patina to make the bronze horse statue, which means modulating different chemical liquids together to a different degree, then pouring the liquid on the bronze surface with heating, the beautiful final patina color comes out after several layers of color change.



The design of this statue is a combination of black and red-brown. These two colors fully show the antique feeling of this horse. Our professional coloring artists would be able to meet any color you want and make sure that the color is very even. By using chemical coloring, the color of the horse sculpture would become more natural over time and would not fade.



Applicable Places:


Our life-size bronze horse statue could place in any place related to horses such as farms, racecourses, etc. This would be a very symbolic statue artwork. In addition, the horse also has the meaning of success, so the horse statue could place in any modern public place. Such as office buildings, home gardens, commercial plazas, etc.



Professional Packaging Measures:


As well as, our packaging is very strict. Firstly, we check the quality of the product before packaging it. Second, we would use a wooden crate with a thickness of 3 cm to fix the horse statue. Inside the wooden crate, we also use thick soft foam to wrap this antique bronze horse statue to prevent colliding. At the same time, we would also purchase insurance for the horse statues to ensure the safety of transportation.



Provide Customized Service:


Our bronze sculpture foundry is the best local. With advanced lost-wax casting, finest welding & chasing skills, excellent patina, and the best bronze raw material, we always supply art-quality casting. A good quality outdoor garden bronze walking horse statue, not only need a nice design but also good casting quality. We are always proud of our casting quality. We could customize a bronze horse for you in any size with any design. We could provide your 2D and 3D Drawings. You also could provide us with the actual photos you took at another site. Then, we could produce our own bronze horse.











So if you like our antique bronze horse statue, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional bronze foundry. Focus on the production and research of bronze horse statues, so the quality of our sculptures would not disappoint you.


E-mail: sales@you-fine.com
WhatsApp: 0086 13938480725
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Add: Quyang County, Hebei Province, China.

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