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YouFine could provide inspiring bronze animal statues for the garden! Our bronze wild animal statues are a favorite all year round in every season. If you are interested in the bronze horse fountain statue, please contact us immediately. Item No: BOK1-042 Material: Metal bronze About Us: 39 Years Factory Technique: Lost Wax Process Service: Customize Acceptably Size: Life Size or Customized Size Advantage 1: Factory Direct Advantage 2: Cover All Insurance Advantage 3: Door to Door Delivery

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Bronze Animal Statues for The Garden Introduction:


YouFine bronze animal statues for the garden are composed of a group of running horse fountains. In modern times, bronze statues are more and more popular among people, and many horse lovers choose horse sculptures for their collections. Among park sculptures, the most indispensable thing is horse sculpture.



So you could see the YouFine horse sculpture is very strong and muscular. Moreover, the YouFine bronze horse sculpture looks like a real horse, very realistic. Their legs are very long, so they could run very fast and full of energy. This private treasure fountain statue is very worth keeping.



A Popular Decoration in The Park:


In urban life, people rarely have access to real horses, especially running horses. Therefore, because horses have the meaning of success, they have gained people’s love. Many investors and community leaders like to put some beautiful horses in the park. It is hoped that these lifelike horses could bring people more joy in life. Then YouFine horse fountain sculpture has become a very popular garden decoration.



Therefore, people could not only appreciate the horses’ running posture but also watch the fountain scenery. And if you are a big fan of bronze horse sculptures, you could buy our bronze horse sculptures. In addition, our bronze private statue is also very suitable for the scene of equestrian competitions. Let them bring you a stronger atmosphere. When the horses gallop across the river, people could not only watch the majesty of the horse galloping on the grassland but also see the horse roaring in the garden. I believe this horse sculpture would bring you more fun.



More Garden Sculpture Options:


Whether you are a heron or a crane who likes fishing in the water, or a tropical frog who wants to jump in the garden. If you also like the gentle deer from the grassland, we could meet your needs. There are more and more admirers and collectors all over the world who love bronze horse outdoor sculptures. These antique works exude a strong flavor. These garden sculptures have attracted many people who love sculpture and pursue art. We have various types of animal sculptures for you to choose from.



Professional Casting Process:


YouFine has excellent artists, they make 1:1 clay molds according to the design. In this process, our artists would modify any details according to the customer’s needs. Secondly, the artists would use the traditional lost wax technique to cast bronze horse sculptures. YouFine uses an improved silica sol technology. This technique could avoid white spots on the surface of the sculpture. Therefore, after a long time, these bronze animal garden sculptures are still very beautiful.




In addition, YouFine would use wooden crates with shock-proof plastic foam and waterproof membranes. Both packaging methods are strong enough for any type of transportation. So you would receive the perfect life-size garden animal horse park fountain sculpture. If you want to know more installation details and casting process, please contact us immediately.



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